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 You're trying to build a life you love and find your true happiness... but no matter what you try (and that seems to be everything) ~ you feel like you stay stuck in the same place of feeling unworthy of it all... and it's really starting to frustrate you.
You want nothing more than to just get out of your own way. To take action and reach your goals ~ but every time you try ~ that little voice inside your head stops you from doing what you really want. 
You want to step into your authentic self and experience the best version of you.
You want to let go of the struggle ~ feel more confident and get rid of the voice that tells you you're not enough.
You want freedom ~ from the impostor syndrome, self sabotage and procrastination.
Freedom from the self limiting beliefs that keep you scared to be seen & stop you showing up fully for yourself and the people in your world.
I get it ~ I've been there too. I once was prisoner to that inner critic ~ scared of making mistakes, never moving forward, never having what I wanted.
I was scared of failure & success at the same time. I spun in circles until the overwhelm took over ~ and the burnout was real. 
You can't keep going like this... but the problem is ~ you don't know any other way. The struggle is looking like the only way these days. 
What you do know ~ is that things need to change right now.
You've come to the right place -

 What if there was another way?

What if you could turn it all around?
What if embracing your authentic self became like second nature to you?
How would it feel knowing that the voice inside your head was supportive, self~assuring and confident?
Imagine being able to wake up every day ~ knowing exactly what you're worth, connected to your true self and finally feeling like the person you've always wanted to be.
Because, you see - you're not your trauma. What you've been through doesn't define you. There's a whole other version of you - the true you - just waiting to come back to life.

The Trauma Recovery Clinic is a powerful group programme that will:

  • Uncover and re-programme underlying issues on a subconscious level - so that we can figure out exactly what's holding you back
  • Help you to understand why you feel the way you do, why you have certain patterns and behaviours & why they seem to keep showing up - even when you're trying so hard to make changes
  • Powerfully rewire your deep seated negative programming and transform your belief system - to finally free you from impostor syndrome, self sabotage & anything else that's making you feel like you're never gonna get anywhere in life
  • Show you how to embrace your authentic self - so you can spread your wings and experience the world with a whole new set of eyes
  • Align you with what you truly want to achieve - in order to find ground breaking emotional freedom and life mastery
  • Show you how to develop & operate from your highest, most aligned true self - so that you can reach amazing new levels of success and connection in your relationships, family life & career.
Over 12 transformational weeks together, our programme will be delivered both in self study and live elements. You will have access to your own private members area and our exclusive private facebook community! Every live element will be recorded and available on replay, plus you have lifetime access at no extra cost - so you can work at a pace to suit you and not have to worry about losing out on content or support! 

Using the all encompassing power of Rapid Transformational Therapy infused with my own signature Trauma Informed coaching & healing framework - you will learn to powerfully break through the outdated programming and discover your true strength-so that you can finally start to live that amazing life you are so ready to create. You're not what you've been through... You're everything you're yet to become.

Unhealed Trauma will have you feeling like you're not enough
Believing you're a burden on your family, a failure to your children. A crap friend, an undeserving partner.
It will have you settling for less than you deserve, putting up with things that make you miserable.
You may even be dealing with addiction, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, stress, anger problems or unhealthy eating habits. 
It will have you believing that you can't control anything in your life, that you're helpless, worthless, unimportant & invisible - like you don't matter.
It can even hold you back from allowing in the good things that you really deserve - like love, success, friendship and true happiness. 
Unhealed trauma will have you operating from a core wound and calling it a personality trait.
I get it. I've lived it. 
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"Doing the RTT with you really did make a big change for me. Something changed for me, in my confidence after that. Something in me changed that was making me think 'I can and I will and I'm able to do this. And also what I believe - I really believe in myself now. I know that you can unlock what I can't unlock in myself - even after years of personal development - but you were able to unlock that in me."


Ciara shifted my mindset in a matter of minutes. We dug deep and figured out what makes me happy and worked on some structure around my passion. I am so excited for the future and honestly, if it wasn't for Ciara's coaching, I wouldn't be heading down this route for a long time yet. Through RTT, we were able to undo old belief systems and see my old patterns, and I can now stop it sooner and be aware of why it's happening. I'm getting there, and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing!


"I feel there’s plenty more to come, but hands down this has been the best thing I've done - what I’ve got out of it has been life changing within myself - someone who’s known me all my life said to me - 'there's something different about you - you look happy - it’s your eyes.' I know there’ll be low days and I know my old way of thinking still tries to creep in and I’ve still got work to do, but this is life changing - I notice even the people around me are different towards me."


Ciara, what you have created and the effort you put into helping us all is out of this world! When beginning this journey of understanding how to live a positive lifestyle, I was so unsure and really didn't think there was much hope, but seriously - there is! Ciara - your support and ability to be able to give me the right words and encouragement in some hard times is truly amazing and made such a difference!!! My life has changed so much with you in it and really it is all to do with the way you have made me see my life and make changes to see it in a whole other light!!! Even though I still have a way to go, I am so happy now and can already see how fate has this amazing plan for me that I no longer have to try and control or stress about!!! If anyone here is/was like me, really have faith and know that talking confidently and positively to yourself and letting go of certain things will really make a change! Ciara you are such an angel, and working with you has been the best decision for living a fantastic life!!!


Trauma Recovery Clinic
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Let me take you back 6 Years...

I was a completely different person than the one you see today.

Six years ago, I had a mental breakdown. I had come through what I know will always be, the worst 4 years of my life. And if you've read or watched my story ~ you'll know that I'd been through a lot even before this period. I had lost 5 close family members in 4 years, lost my home and my business, broken up with my partner (not even relevant to me today but just for reference) and I was so close to ending my life. I was doped up on medication, struggling to keep anyone I loved in my life and just feeling like an absolute failure of a mother. I've even had to feed my daughter from a foodbank.


Little did I know back then, but I was dealing with unhealed trauma that absolutely ruled my every word, thought, habit and behaviour. I felt lost, lonely, overwhelmed and out of control. I felt useless, worthless, unloveable and incapable of allowing anyone into my life that didn't treat me like something they stepped in. I found life extremely hard - I'd go days sometimes a week, without leaving the house and my compulsive behaviours and binge eating was at an all time high. I was operating from a core wound and calling myself a bad person. I now know I'm not a bed person for how I chose to deal with my sadness. 

One night, laying in bed - I was wide awake as usual and staring at the ceiling - I  came across something which changed my life forever. Brace yourselves, cliche up ahead - I heard an extract from J.K Rowling's harvard commencement speech - and it spoke to my soul. 

I was the sucicdal 28 year old. The single mother as close as anyone should be to the breadline in modern day britain. The girl with absolutely nothing left. I realised, as she had, that "my greatest fear had been realised, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."


And so I did. I rebuilt my life from the ashes that trauma had created and I went on a mission to heal myself. Somewhere, there in the darkness of 3am  - Something changed inside me. I cried until the morning... And I never looked back.

I've been where you are.


I done all the conscious work - I took all the courses, read all the books, done all the research.


I changed my diet, changed my circle, even changed my location - yet nothing fully helped me.


I still felt broken inside.


I done all the mindset work - I hired coaches, I invested in business courses, I followed the advice of all the big names.


But I knew there was something still missing - something keeping me from taking the proper steps towards the life I knew I wanted and deserved.


I felt it deep down, but I couldn't figure out just WHAT it was. I was still in the same loop. There was something missing - I just couldn't quite figure out what.

Then I discovered rapid transformational therapy.


I was reluctant to start off with - I had this belief that it wouldn't work for me, that I would be the exception. I believed I was too broken to heal.


I also had money blocks around investing - I saw it as another bill, not an exchange for something life changing. I'd invested so much in all the wrong people that I was scared it would end up the same way.  

I was even scared of change - the very thing I wanted - because somewhere deep down, I was scared to face what needed healed. It haunted me.


I also honestly believed I wasn't worth investing in. I realised that's what I was really saying - every time I told myself I had no time, couldn't afford the investment, just needed a "strategy" - or a lucky break. 

But I'll admit; I was so sick and tired of my own excuses - my own intrusive thoughts - my limited income - how little I was able to offer myself or the people I loved if I stayed like this- that I finally took the leap. And oh my goodness - am I glad I did!

It Changed Everything



With the help of RTT - I was able to uncover 25 years of emotional trauma, understand how it affected my life and created my mindset and life today.


I was able to make the changes I needed to start actually living the life I deserved and start fulfilling my dream life purpose.


  • Within 2 weeks I had made my investment back in full, plus 40% more. The next month my business income increased by 100%.

  • My mindset started to shift. I was able to recognise my old patterns and stop them in their tracks. I started to heal on levels I'd never even dreamed of.

  • My business took OFF. I opened my own place, was able to invest in even more education and grew an amazing community of my dream ideal clients - who were ready to show up and commit to their own success too. 

  • And the greatest return of my investment overall? I had so much love for this amazing therapy - I decided I needed to add it on to my services... and I went on to  change the lives of countless women across the world. 



It gave me a whole new passion and love for what I do and an even more powerful and effective way to heal the people I was helping in my coaching business already.


In the past year alone - I have turned my annual turnover into my monthly one, been featured on platforms such as TED, worked with women all over the world and have successfully launched my own membership.


 I have had RTT for other areas of my life too - including for my personal relationship blocks - and within days, I was able to take old fears and doubts from my emotionally turbulent childhood and my early adult relationships - and realise that was not my story anymore.


I healed my broken childhood self and within a month - I met an amazing person who I am so happy with - after being single for years due to always ending up in toxic relationships. My amazing RTT therapist - who I still work with now - showed me a whole new way of succeeding - and now I am going to show you too!

RTT changed my whole world. I truly believe that doing this deep inner work - and not just staying on the surface level - took me to places in my life and business that I only ever dreamed of before.


I've never known happy like I know it now.


And I promise, it will change your life too.


Give yourself the gift of emotional freedom.

In just 2 -3 hours per week, going at your own pace with a supportive, community in a safe, judgement free environment ~ you could create everything you've ever wanted to have. Be someone you adore and leave behind the limits that unhealed trauma has placed on you all this time. 


This is not your true identity. It's unhealed and outdated beliefs. You hold the pen ~ you can rewrite the story with your authentic truth. 


It's time to take the most beautiful, fulfilling journey of your life ~ the journey back to you.  


You've spent too long just surviving. It's time to THRIVE.


Invest in your best friend and greatest love... YOU. It's the safest bet you'll ever make. 

Who Is This For?

This is for you if: 

  • You are ready to fully embrace your authentic self by doing the deep inner work it takes to get there

  • You are ready to commit to yourself fully and show up powerfully to see your results

  • You understand the importance of building solid foundations - that this stuff takes time - and aren't just looking for instant gratification/overnight success 

  • You are ready to work towards your healing and growth, let go of the struggle and become the very best version of you - to finally build that dream life you deserve!

  • You understand that you are in control - I can help you and facilitate your healing with the training and tools - but ultimately, the results are in your hands

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You are more committed to your excuses & comfort zone than to your growth & healing 

  • You want instant gratification or a quick fix 

  • You aren't ready to fully invest in the time & commitment it takes to see your desired changes 

  • You think that building solid foundations & deep personal development aren't integral parts of your success 

  • You don't want to sacrifice the habits & beliefs you have now to see phenomenal changes in your inner & outer world 

  • You are looking for a cookie cutter strategy or a shortcut to success

  • You're not fully equpped to deal with or aren't accepting that this can get hard at times but you can and will get through it

Sign Up





Sign Up



£697 X 3

 I am so excited to welcome you on board!


Are you ready to start to powerfully transform your life in as little as 90 days?




Sign Up Within the first 24 hours and you'll get:

Access to my amazing 4 week build your business bootcamp worth £297


12 weeks free inside the Conscious Creatives Club worth £111

Access to my upcoming workshops Impostor to empowered and Believe your way to success worth £197 each

That's £800 worth of FREE GIFTS!

Much love,

Ciara xx


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How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered over 3 months and is part self study, part live. The self study modules (6 in total) will be available every 2 weeks inside your personal membership area. You will get a unique login as it's private to you! The live portion of the group will be delivered in our private facebook community on the alternating weeks and then uploaded into your membership area the next day. All of your course companions will also be available for you to download and keep inside your membership area.


How long will study take each week?

The course will take you around 2 to 3 hours per week - it's part self study and all live material be recorded with a replay option.

What if I don't have time? 

Like I said - the course is partial self study with replays available and you have lifetime access! So, you can go at your own pace and work through the content when you're free! 

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, of course! The course comes with the option to pay in three installments, making it easy for you to join us!

Is this really for me?

Only you can decide that! But what I will ask is this - are you ready to change your life and heal from years of stuck trauma? Does the thought of staying where you are now make you feel happy and content? I've never met anyone who regretted doing this work.

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a rapid change in the neuro pathways in the brain.

It’s the most extraordinary type of therapy because it completely reframes & transforms your core beliefs, patterns & behaviours.

So what normal talk therapy would do for you in 6 months, RTT can do for you in as little as a 2 hour session!

RTT combines all the best aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy, along with coaching.

By combining all of these amazing modalities, we’re making one super healing modality. Which is why the change is so rapid!

The results are so profound, quicker & longer-lasting than ordinary talk therapy – because it’s really getting to the core of your issues, on a subconscious level.

Figuring out exactly where the issue or trauma was initiated. And giving you the power to completely overturn it & leave it in your past…for good!

Will RTT really help me?

There’s not a person in the world that RTT can’t help.

It can help you with emotional, physical and even psychological pain and traumas.

We get right to the core subconscious issues, so that they don’t keep reappearing and holding you back.

Just click here to see the amazing transformations my clients have experienced!

Is RTT safe?

Yes! It’s completely safe – hypnotherapy is not something to be afraid of.

During an RTT session, it’s a sleep of the nervous system and the conscious mind, to access deep subconscious beliefs.  

You are in a complete state of self-awareness and you cannot be persuaded to do or say anything you don’t want to.

And before we undertake our RTT session together, I’ll talk you through every step in the group to ensure you’re 100% comfortable and clear.

How long do results from RTT last?

RTT gives you long-lasting transformation on a deep, subconscious level.

We powerfully transform that subconscious belief that was holding you back, so it doesn’t reappear and you can move forward.

You’ll see you are enough. You have always been enough. And you deserve every piece of your success!

With the trauma recovery clinic, the additional coaching, healing and meditation etc given to you will give you conscious tools to add to your subconscious transformation from your RTT session.

You’ll have a completely new mindset & a completely new way of approaching your everyday mindset blocks.

The additional coaching after your RTT session gives you a complete toolkit - like a first aid kit for your mind – so the daily struggles we all have don’t hold you back anymore!

Am I ready for the trauma recovery clinic?

Only you can answer that!

But if you’ve spent years, battling with an experience from your past or just never feeling enough (but not knowing why) – then yes.

Now is your time to put your past in the past, so you can start moving forward into all the success you deserve.  

Sometimes I call my work truth bomb therapy! Because if I just tell you exactly what you want to hear, you’re wasting your money.

And that’s not what I’m about.

In order to truly transform, we have to get uncomfortable. We have to look our fear in the face & make the changes anyway.

When my clients come to me, that’s what they get.

Authenticity, trust, integrity and real, practical results.

And if you’re not feeling ready, my question to you would be…when WILL the time be ‘right’, to begin healing & transforming your future?

Can I have a refund?

Due to the nature of the course and how it's delivered, unfortunately redesign your vibe cannot offer a refund should you change your mind. 

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