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Surviving to Thriving...


"when you cannot find the light - I will sit with you in the dark." 

 I know right now that you may be feeling like you're not enough. Like you're alone with your experiences and unable to find a single soul that understands what you're going through. This part of you that shows up daily to remind you of how unworthy you are just seems to be getting louder and louder in your head. You long for the day where you can wake up and feel "normal" and allow yourself to be seen in this world. 


I know what it's like to feel broken ~ like you're so far from where you were or who you really could be again. To have lost that sense of your true authentic self and feel so riddled with doubts and fear that you don't even know where to start to heal. 

I get it.

But the thing is beautiful soul... you are not broken. You are not your trauma. And you are NOT alone.

Your amazing mind and body has done a fantastic job of helping you survive in this world, but I guess it feels less like safe and more like stuck to you, right?


And so,  you're here ~ ready to give yourself permission to heal on a deeper level ~ so that survival mode becomes a thing of the past ~ and you can start to thrive instead. 


In less than 90 days together, you can start to overturn these feelings… find a forward focus and powerfully reconnect with your authentic self ~ so that you can start to live your life again, free of the voices that tell you you're not enough and free of the shame that keeps you from living to your full potential. 

Trauma Informed Coaching is designed to help you to thrive after traumatic experiences, with a forward focused approach that helps you to understand why you feel, think and act the way you do. It helps you to hold space for yourself and see yourself in a more compassionate light ~ so that you can really start to let go of what no longer serves your mind, body & soul. Unlike regular coaching, Trauma Informed Coaching focuses on deep root cause healing, rather than symptom mangement. 

Read more about what TIC is here

You've had this story in your head for so long now that it's hard to believe anything else, but I'm here as your certified trauma informed coach to guide you and help you to realise that you are enough. That you are seperate from the trauma and that it doesn't define you. Your worth is not measured... it just IS. I'm here to guide you towards post traumatic GROWTH! 


I was once where you are now. Dealing with years and layers of unhealed, subconscious trauma ~ which I believed for so long was something to be ashamed of and kept me hiding away in the darkness, afraid to even wish for the light. I believed that I was broken ~ too broken to heal ~ and that I'd always be misunderstood, miserable & alone. 

But that wasn't true. And it isn't true for you either. There is absolutely nothing "broken" in you. Equipped with the right tools to hold space for yourself & honor your needs, you will find that you are capable of creating a beautiful life, where you can not only cope ~but thrive after trauma, and step into your full potential.

You can truly heal and move forward fearlessly, into all the success you deserve. You're a survivor. That takes strength, bravery and courage. And there's nothing broken about that. 

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In order to really start on this journey ~ we need to go inwards. Step 1 is all about looking at your issues through the lens of compassion & understanding. You will learn to build on your resilence, self-compassion, and embody your own self worth ~ set boundaries with yourself & others, and find the power within you to make real, lasting change in your life.



Step 2 is all about aligned action. Stepping into your power with your new beliefs, goals and ways of thinking. Our success lies in the things we do consistently - and Step 2 supports you to beat the old beliefs & take more action towards your goal. We make the unfamiliar feel familiar. And help you move into a thriving mindset, so you can actually achieve the dream life you so truly deserve.



Step 3 is about the new goals & intentions you want from your life - these coaching sessions will transform your thinking & help you to put a forward focus on things ~ to move you towards what you want & direct your energy into positive outcomes, away from those old ways of thinking, being and doing that held you back for so long.

This powerful 1:1 program is right for you if ...


  • You KNOW there’s something there – deep down – that you need to work through


  • You’re done with the procrastination, self-sabotage & never feeling enough


  • Maybe you’ve done surface-level mindset work before. But you’re ready to go deeper…


  • You’re ready to let go of the underlying blocks, fear and thinking that keeps you bypassing your pain with unhealthy coping habits

  • You want to start to embody your own self worth


  • You’re SO ready to achieve your goals, create lasting change in your life, and finally stop viewing yourself as broken

  • You are ready to move forward ~ with the confidence you need to make real, lasting change in your life

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • 12 x 60-min Coaching Sessions, over the next 3 months - to dive deeper into everything that’s come up for you during your RTT session, for complete transformation & to keep you accountable


  • 1:1 Support in between Coaching Sessions – by email or messenger, to support you with anything that comes up for you


  • And then I have a gift for you – an Energy Healing Session, right at the very end of your transformation!


An Energy Healing Session isn’t ‘normal’ with TIC ~ It’s just something I absolutely love (and my clients take a huge sense of peace from) and the end of your program is perfect timing - just to take away any stagnant energy & give you a bit of relaxation, after all your amazing work!

Investment £1497

So, Shall We Get


The process is simple. Just book a call for a quick chat

(15 -20 mins), about what your issue is & how I can help you.

Before we start, there’s just a couple of forms to complete, with your details & a consent form.

All sessions can be carried out online or in person.

And we’ll then get your transformational program started!

Client Results

Love Notes

My clients see unparalleled results after working with me at Redesign Your Vibe. I've been described as "the missing puzzle piece" and "a miracle worker" by the wonderful ladies who have worked with me. 

You are less than 90 days away

from emotional freedom

A final word from me…

As you make the ultimate move in radical self care, and invest in your healing at this time ~ What I would say is that this is deep, transformational work.

Your mind will feel threatened by transformational change.


Because your mind has been doing such a great job of keeping you safe in survival mode from the trauma for all this time ~ It will want to continue to protect you & keep you safe (aka stuck) – even though transformation is what you truly need & want!

This takes effort and commitment, but you can & will see amazing. long lasting changes from doing this work. With our 1:1 coaching & healing sessions, we can make sure you get the best & most long-lasting transformational change.