Hello, beautiful soul ~ I am absolutely delighted that you've found your way here. I want to tell you right now, I've been right where you are.
Constantly feeling unworthy, in a state of anxiety, fear & panic ~ not knowing how or if I'd ever recover from the constant battle in my mind, body & soul.
It felt like an internal civil war ~ my brain and body were working against me to make me miserable every day, and I didn't know why ~ It was like a merry go round. And I couldn't get off. Sound familiar? 
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I get you. I've BEEN you!


I did all the surface level work, took all the ‘right’ courses & even invested in coaches.


But the pain and distress still lingered underneath the surface, I couldn't seem to create lasting change or see permanent results.

I felt broken, lost & like nothing was going to work ~ I convinced myself I was the one that couldn't be helped.

Then I discovered trauma informed practices. They helped me find the deep-seated reasons WHY I didn't feel enough and WHY I was repeating patterns and perpetuating self sabotaging behaviours. They helped me understand myself on such a deeper level that I could finally let go of the trauma & heal my past for good.


Hiding behind the mask of who you think you should be is hard.

In fact, it's exhausting. And when you don't feel enough it takes it's toll ~ not only mentally, but physically, emotionally & spiritually.


You deserve to let go of the trauma and become who you really are. You deserve to have the freedom to be who you want to be, show up powerfully in your own life & let go of the heavy stuff that has held you back all this time.

You already have EVERYTHING you need, to become the very best version of you. the real you is in there, just waiting to shine through. You're not broken, or beyond help. This can & will work for you too.


I'm here to help you heal the parts of you that you believe aren't worthy of all the things you long for.


I'm here to help you reconnect to what was always there... an amazing, successful and confident person. It's time to let go of the trauma, fear & limiting beliefs and start creating amazing things.


I've got you! 

I've been there...

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"When my life imploded, Ciara was there - she helped me so much, and her support ever since has been just amazing."
- Elaine.
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extraordinary changes

Experience extraordinary life changes with trauma informed therapy…

We’ve all been through experiences or traumas, that we carry with us years later.

They keep us feeling stuck (whether we know it or not).

But it’s not our experiences that hold us back – it’s the perspective we put on them.

When we change our perspective, those experiences no longer have power over us.

And we’re free to move forward, leaving the past in the past.

My signature therapy takes you takes you right back to the core of that experience, in an embodied sense. It helps you to discover your "felt sense", works with the body and takes a "bottom up" approach to healing - meaning we don't just talk over & over again about what you went through - we use somatic and embodied processes to actually clear it from your nervous system, body & mind once and for all.

It completely reframes & transforms your core beliefs, patterns & behaviours – so you can finally process and let the trauma go.

The same limits, blocks and feelings don’t keep reappearing & holding you back – because we’re getting right to the core issues - not just using coping mechanisms and symptom management to get you through the days.

So you can truly heal and move forward fearlessly, into the life you deserve!

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

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Here's What You'll Get

  • A powerful 1 ½ hour initial session (in person or online) where we really dive deep into your issue, get to know eachother & set your goal

  •  5 x 60 minute therapy sessions to fully integrate your healing experience & move towards lasting change. You'll have access to me via email throughout!​


  • 2 x trauma informed coaching sessions 

  • The process is simple. Just book a call for a quick chat (15 -20 mins), about what your issue is & how I can help you.

  • Then, should we decide to start our journey together, there’s just a couple of forms to complete, with your details & a consent form.

  • And we’ll then get your powerful transformational experience underway!

Investment:  £897



Step 1 is a powerful 1½ hour session, to uncover the root cause of what’s holding you back. After an initial chat - We dive deep into the root cause & move towards transforming the way you think, feel and the action you then take. We help you to understand yourself on a deeper level, so that you can gain insight into where you've been, & get a firm understanding of why you do the things you do.

how this works



Step 2 is all about aligned action. Stepping into your power with your new beliefs, goals and ways of thinking. Our success lies in the things we do consistently - and Step 2 supports you to beat the old habits & take more action in your life. We make the unfamiliar feel familiar. And help you move into a success mindset, so you can actually achieve the dream life you so truly deserve.



Step 3 is about the new goals & intentions you want from your life, with my signature coaching framework. Building on your previous therapy sessions - these coaching sessions will transform your conscious thinking. To move towards what you want & direct your energy into positive outcomes, away from those old ways of thinking, being and doing that held you back for so long.