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Awaken your Soul Self


You ARE an ambitious, strong, talented woman. You DO deserve to have amazing self love, relationships, friendships & success.

But if you’re reading this…I’m guessing it doesn’t feel that way?

Maybe you’ve been putting off dealing with this for a long, long time.

That deep seated feeling inside you – that makes you never, ever feel enough.

To the outside world, you look happy & successful. But it’s a different story on the inside.

You don't feel like you belong. You feel like a fraud.

It makes you self-sabotage in your relationships. Holds you back from going for what you'd love to achieve. It keeps you settling for what you think you’re capable of instead of going for what you'd truly love…

You just feel so out of alignment with who you know you want to be. You just don't know where you 'fit'.


In less than 90 days together, you can find emotional freedom. Transform your relationship with yourself, let go of the mindset blocks and move forward into self love, self worth & alignment with your true soul self…

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) takes you right back to the core of your deepest wounds. We go right back to the source of the past painful experiences to figure out exactly why you're feeling like this.

By figuring out exactly where the trauma initiated – you can understand it.

When you fully understand the issue & the hold it’s had on you, you can completely let go & take your own power back.

You put those experiences completely in the past & leave them in the past.

The same limits, blocks and feelings that have kept you stuck for so long, no longer keep reappearing & holding you back – because we’re getting right to the core subconscious issues, and powerfully transforming the way you see & feel about them. 

So you can truly heal on a soul level and move forward finally, into all of the amazing things you deserve!

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Step 1 is a powerful 2 ½ hour RTT session, to uncover the limiting beliefs and root causes of what’s holding you back. We dive deep into these root causes & completely rewire your subconscious programming with new words, pictures and perspectives – transforming the way you think, feel and the action you then take.



Step 2 is all about aligned action. Stepping into alignment with your soul, forming your new beliefs, embodied feelings and ways of thinking.  Step 2 supports you, by going deep on what the bodymind is trying to communicate through your thoughts, feelings and embodied experiences & bringing them into alignment with eachother so you can create more beauty & fulfilment in your world. We make the unfamiliar feel familiar. And help you move into alignment with your higher self, so you can actually achieve the dream life you so truly deserve.



Step 3 is about exploring your new found thoughts, feelings & perspectives, and using them to create your new normal ~ taking the core desires & intentions you want from your life, and putting them into practice - these bespoke practices that we create together, will transform your bodymind ~ To move you towards what you want & direct your energy into positive outcomes, away from those old ways of thinking, being and doing that held you back for so long.

This powerful 1:1 program is right for you if ...


  • You KNOW there’s something there – deep down – that you need to work through


  • You’re done with the negative self talk, self-sabotage & never feeling enough


  • Maybe you’ve done surface-level mindset work before. But you’re ready to go deeper…


  • You’re ready to let go of the underlying blocks, fear and thinking that keeps you from truly loving who you are


  • You’re SO ready to move into that next phase of your life, and create a loving, fulfilling relationship with yourself 


  • And to move forward fearlessly, in pursuit of the life you deserve!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:


  • A powerful 2 ½ hour RTT session


  • A 15-min Transformational Recording - to listen to religiously for 21 days (to powerfully overturn all the subconscious thoughts & behaviours that weren’t serving you)


  • 6 x 60-min Healing Sessions, over the next 3 months - to dive deeper into everything that’s come up for you, for complete transformation & powerful, lasting change


  • 1:1 Support in between Sessions – by email or messenger, to support you with anything that comes up for you


  • And then I have a gift for you – an Energy Healing Session, right at the very end of your transformation!


An Energy Healing Session isn’t ‘normal’ with RTT. It’s just something I absolutely love (and my clients take a huge sense of peace from). And the end of your program is perfect timing - just to take away any stagnant energy & promote inner peace, joy & calm after all your amazing work!

Investment £1497

So, Shall We Get


The process is simple. Just book a call for a quick chat

(15 -20 mins), about what your issue is & how I can help you.

Before we start, there’s just a couple of forms to complete, with your details & a consent form.

All sessions can be carried out online or in person.

And we’ll then get your transformational program started!

Client Results

Love Notes

My clients see unparalleled results after working with me at Redesign Your Vibe. I've been described as "the missing puzzle piece" and "a miracle worker" by the wonderful ladies who have worked with me. 

You are less than 90 days away

from emotional freedom

A final word from me…

If you’re wondering whether to book an RTT experience day, or the full package – don’t worry! You can choose to upgrade to the 3 month package, within 5 days of your RTT experience day.

What I would say is that this is deep, subconscious healing.

Your conscious mind will feel threatened by transformational change.


Because the trauma or issues we uncover are subconscious, your conscious mind will then start to attack. It wants to protect you & keep you safe (aka stuck) – even though transformation is what you truly need & want!

So with our 1:1 healing after your initial RTT session, we can make sure you get the best & most long-lasting transformational change.