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Soul alchemy


Are you a soul led woman looking for the right tools, help and resources to help you on your way to creating the dream life you want and so deserve?


Do you struggle with things like self worth, visibility, connection or self confidence?


Maybe it's your lack of direction or being able to align with your authentic self that holds you back?

YOUR AMAZING soul alchemy vault AWAITS YOU!

I've put together some amazing resources for my clients and online  community in the past year - in the form of printables, workbooks, awesome training videos and audios. My zone of genius and my absolute passion just shines through when I'm in creative mode - helping you to smash through limiting beliefs, powerfully transform your mindset, take those amazing steps on your journey to self love and connection - and really build that life you so deserve! 

And now you can have exclusive access to it all too! Here you'll find so many amazing  resources - it's jam packed with value! 

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What you'll find inside:

Guided Meditations

Hypnosis Audios



Soul Theory Weekly Newsletter 

3 Day Challenges

PDF Printables


Video Trainings & Teachings

And so much more!


WHY IS IT right for me?....

 There's over 30 amazing resources in there - there's no fluff just great stuff!

Amongst the fabulous resources you will find:


5 downloadable rapid transformational hypnotherapy recordings worth over £97 each

 5 RYV original meditation downloads worth over £47 each


The vibe detox five day challenge


 50 coaching/journalling questions


plus much more - including workbooks, worksheets and monthly content added including webinars, training and free challenges!


Yours for just £10! 

From video training to audio files, from digital workbooks to printable worksheets - we've got you covered. Everything from mindset to belief systems - from goals to success habits - the vault has it all!

HERE'S WHAT you'll get...

Transformational hypnosis recordings

RYV original meditation downloads

Vibe Detox 5 step challenge

50 journalling/coaching questions


Digital printables 

Access to upcoming free challenges and webinars

Access to soul theory - the monthly newsletter with exclusive discounts, early bird access and all the latest RYV happenings 

Access to the Self Belief Society - our free community for soul centred women

And once you're in, that's it! there's no extra cost! 



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WHAT MY clients say.....





"Guys I’d highly recommend you all have a look at this, I can hand on my heart say this lady is amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to benefit from some of these fantastic resources! Being at the beginning of my journey, Ciara is such an inspiration and delivers everything with honesty and integrity. At such amazing value, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain!"


Kerry, Success Vault User & Mindset Coach 

"I love the Success Vault! The materials are a blueprint for life, and for my personal development. I will be using this everyday and in my journalling."

Christine, Success Vault User & Coach 


  • Ambitious, Soul led women ready to learn, grow and succeed

  • Women who are ready to step out of their comfort zone.

  • Women who are ready to step into their authentic self and discover their true potential.

  • Women who want to find emotional freedom and thrive.



  • People too attached to their comfort zone.

  • People who never finish things.

  • People who never commit to their healing or growth.

  • People who leave resources like tumbleweed in their inbox.

You can gain instant access to this absolutely phenomenal vault, right now! This amazing value packed vault is available for a very limited time at an amazing £10! If you're ready to dive deeper into your healing and growth, then get your access now! 


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Hi, I'm Ciara...

Founder of Redesign Your Vibe. I help soul led women thrive after traumatic experiences.

Redesign Your Vibe thrive after trauma

I’m mum to a gorgeous 19 year old daughter, a partner to the best guy in the world and dog mama to my little furry baby Rockie Mac. I built Redesign Your Vibe from scratch from my kitchen - using a notepad and pen and a mobile phone, as a single mum feeding my daughter from a food bank - after the most difficult and adverse few years of our life. After dealing with grief, mental health issues and trauma on a major level, I realised very quickly that the life I was living was only going to end up one way – and something had to change – fast.


So, I decided there and then to go on the most profound and life changing healing and self-discovery journey and somewhere along the way, I not only turned my entire world around, I found my soul purpose – helping women just like me to thrive after trauma and realise their full potential, and from that - Redesign Your Vibe was born. Just 3 years later - I’m making a massive difference in the lives of so many women who are where I’ve been - I’m a successful business owner, speaker and co-author, have featured on platforms such as Ted Circles, given talks on multiple platforms for ambitious women and have created my very own academy.


Now, life consists of making memories and spending time with my family doing the things we love. I’m no longer a slave to my mental health and I live a life of emotional freedom, success and happiness. I’m finally living a life I adore and am in total alignment with my authentic self – and the best part is, I get to help soul led women - just like you - to do the same!