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Thank you for contacting me regarding working together on your healing journey! I am so happy to help you find the right bespoke program to fit your needs and move forward with you on your journey back to self. I offer bespoke packages for my clients to fit their individual needs - I use a mix of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Belief Clearing, Energy Healing, Mindset Coaching, NLP, Applied Neuroscience and Trauma Informed Coaching - The only ICF Accredited program of it's kind - and I integrate these amazing modalities into my programs to help you to get the best healing and move forward into emotional freedom. I offer 40 and 90 day programs as I am a strong believer in doing the deep inner work, and this allows us time to really do that - not just opening up the Pandora's box and then stopping. This is how my signature framework is structured for the best results for my clients:




Step 1 is a powerful 2 ½ hour RTT session, to uncover the limiting beliefs and root causes of what’s holding you back. We dive deep into these root causes & completely rewire your subconscious programming with new words, pictures and perspectives – transforming the way you think, feel and the action you then take.




Step 2 is all about aligned action. Stepping into your power with your new beliefs, goals and ways of thinking. Our success lies in the things we do consistently - and Step 2 supports you to beat the old habits & take more action in your life. We make the unfamiliar feel familiar. And help you move into a success mindset, so you can actually achieve the dream life you so truly deserve. We really do the healing here - creating your new beginning and saying goodbye to the old, outdated past. 




Step 3 is about the new goals & intentions you want from your life, with my signature coaching framework. Building on your RTT session and our healing framework – the subconscious layer - these coaching sessions will transform your conscious thinking. To move towards what you want & direct your energy into positive outcomes, away from those old ways of thinking, being and doing that held you back for so long.



I take a mind body approach - I use my signature framework to help you release and heal past traumas, liming beliefs, core wounds and conditioned patterns & behaviours. I believe that when we heal on a cellular level, we align with our authentic self - and that's where the magic happens! I take a holistic approach with my programs - mind, body & soul. They are all connected and have a part to play in our emotional health and well-being. RTT gets right to the root cause of the issue and powerfully transmutes outdated subconscious beliefs such as feelings of not being good enough, lack of self worth, feelings of being disconnected and believing that what you want will never be available for you. RTT rewires the brain and powerfully installs new more powerful beliefs so that you can move forward into emotional freedom and live the life you deserve free of those old traumas, beliefs and blocks. 

I am fully committed to your healing journey - I'm with you every step of the way. I know from personal experience just how detrimental trauma can be to your mind and body - and I know how transformational healing actually is - and so I want you to be powerfully transformed too! 

Any questions just ask, feel free to pop me over a quick message - In the mean time, here are your package options, I am so excited to work with you on your journey! 

Ciara x 



Rapid transformational therapy is a phenomenal combination of psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and hypnosis to get right to the root cause of your issue. Whether that be lack of self worth, feeling not good enough, Impostor syndrome, anxiety - just to name a few!


You will receive a pre session questionnaire to fill out, and all of your onboarding materials in your client portal.


The package consists of:


  •   2 1/2 hour RTT session which upgrades your subconscious beliefs that most of us have been dealing with since childhood

  •  a 20 minute personalised transformational recording to wire in the new beliefs and 21 day email support. 


As well as your powerful RTT Session, we will work together over the next 3 months using my signature framework to powerfully transmute the old stagnant beliefs and powerfully transform your life. Here's what you'll get:

  • A 15-min Transformational Recording - to listen to religiously for 21 days (to powerfully overturn all the subconscious thoughts & behaviours that weren’t serving you)


  • 6 x 60-min Coaching Sessions, over 3 months - to dive deeper into everything that’s come up for you during your RTT session, for complete transformation & to keep you accountable


  • 1:1 Support in between Coaching Sessions – by email or messenger, to support you with anything that comes up for you


  • And then I have a gift for you – an Energy Healing Session, right at the very end of your transformation!

An Energy Healing Session isn’t ‘normal’ with RTT. It’s just something I absolutely love (and my clients take a huge sense of peace from). And the end of your program is perfect timing - just to take away any stagnant energy & give you a bit of relaxation, after all your amazing work!

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