Learning to walk in duality is freedom.

Liking where you are whilst looking forward to where you’re going can intertwine so beautifully when you accept yourself just as you are - both a masterpiece and a work in progress. You’re not suddenly a constant self improvement project just because you’ve committed to go on a healing journey. You’re allowed to still be you. Flawed and perfectly put together at the same time. Learning to grow whilst working through the things that still activate you.

Self acceptance is the first part of any growth journey, and that comes with realising that life is not black and white. There’s a whole mass of grey area, and us humans will always be right in the thick of it. You can achieve great milestones whilst you’re still growing, you can achieve great happiness while you’re still healing, you can achieve great success while you’re still learning. There’s no rule to say that you have to be fully healed or have it all together before the good things show up.

The truth is, you’ll never really be fully healed. It’s a journey - and another part of the duality. I’ve learned that growth and evolution comes over a lifetime, that the small changes can bring massive shifts - we can be fulfilled, successful and happy at the same time as we’re growing, healing and learning. As long as we lean in.

We’re always trying to find the better version of us - the higher self, the more successful self, the perfect self - how about just being your self? The you that you are now is more than capable, worthy and deserving of all of your dreams. You don’t need to become someone else to be any of those things. It’s ok to love who you are now, whilst looking forward to becoming the person you want to be next.

How can you walk in the duality?

  • self inquiry - where in your life are you trying or pushing too hard? Which areas create a sense of pressure or uncomfortable (not in the good way) emotions that make you feel like you should be more than where/what/who you are by now? How can you ease up on yourself and find acceptance for your current path and stage of your journey?

  • accepting yourself and meeting yourself where you’re at - finding compassion for yourself, leaning into your own intuition and giving yourself kindness can be so powerful on this journey. Try replacing judgement with curiosity, criticism with awareness & pressure with flow to see how you can make shifts within your current view of yourself.

  • leaning into how far you’ve come so far - when was the last time you stopped to look back at how far you’ve come, in order to give yourself praise and congratulations on your growth? Make a list of all the ways so far you’ve been unknowingly already walking in duality by writing down all of your lessons, growth, healing & milestones reached. You’ll have come farther than you think!

The biggest change comes in the smallest moments, it’s not about the massive steps you take every so often, it’s in the daily things that you do consistently. It’s not what you do that leads you to your purpose - it’s who you are when you do it. The energy you’re in, the beliefs you hold, the intentions you set.

Small, consistent changes over a lifetime. Expansion that comes from bravery, courage, taking risks, being uncomfortable and accountable. The little shifts that create divine ripple effects. The wisdom that shows up after lessons, the growth that comes from pain. These are the dualities. Learn to walk in them, and they will take you anywhere you want to go!

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