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My signature unique healing modality, created exclusivelyto help you release trapped trauma in the nervous system and realign your mind, body & soul.

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Allow yourself to be immersed in a renewal of the mind, body and soul.


Kintsugi flow energy realignment connects you with your highest self, releasing trapped trauma from the nervous system and realiging the energy centres. 

It can help you to let go of mental and emotional blocks and aid your spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


Using a mix of trauma informed practices and energy healing principles, it will help you to reconnect with yourself, release trapped trauma in the body and aid your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

We connect with the elements, archangels and ascended masters to rejuvinate the life force energy within and bring to balance anything which is keeping you from aligning with your true authentic self. 


This is a holistic, guided treatment that combines spiritual, therapeutic and trauma informed practices to navigate you towards healing, relaxation and fulfilment.


*This treatment is in no way intended to replace medical treatment and we recommend seeking medical advice should you have any concerns.

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Combining both spiritual & therapeutic practices, you are guided through a relaxing meditation, before receiving a beautifully bespoke energy realignment treatment, followed by a 20 minute therapeutic guidance session during which we can work through any blocks, issues or unresolved feelings you may wish to connect to for healing & resolution.

The kintsugi flow session is broken into 3 parts, with the mind, body & soul being brought into alignment through both therapeutic & spiritual practices, techniques & resources.


This bespoke treatment has been created with so much love, purpose and divine guidance from my soul. I have been guided to combine both my spiritual and therapeutic expertise into this gorgeous experience and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you now. 

My intention for kintsugi flow is to help others to fully connect with themselves, honour their journey and find their true north ~ it is when we are most hardest hit that we really start to see just who we really are, the strength that lies within and just how resilient and capable of not only surviving, but thriving thereafter that we really are. With this is mind, I am absolutely delighted to be able to share this small part in your journey.

Ciara McCarron ~ Founder of Kintsugi Flow

"I shall be, I shall be me, I am enough, I am free" ~ Kintsugi Flow Mantra