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Rapid transformational therapy

You're here because you’re tired of the struggle.

I know because that was me, too.

Other people would call you ‘successful’. But you know the real story.

You’re ready to deal with that deep ‘thing’ in you – that means you never, ever feel enough.

Maybe you’ve been putting it off for a long, long time.

There’s just something missing.

Something that surface-level mindset work, mantras & affirmations can’t seem to break through.

It stops you taking action. Makes you feel like a fraud.

It makes you procrastinate & self-sabotage your health, business or relationships.

It’s holding you back. Stopping you from truly stepping up & achieving everything you’re capable of…

I get you. I've BEEN you!


I did all the surface level work, took all the ‘right’ action & invested in business coaches.


But the one thing I forgot was to work on was ME. And that's the missing piece of the puzzle for you, too!

It all starts with you. Your next level of success & happiness come when you work from the inside out.  

We need to figure out those limiting beliefs. The deep-seated reasons WHY you don't feel enough and WHY you're so scared to just be you.


Hiding behind the mask of who you think you should be is hard.

In fact, it's exhausting.


You deserve to let go of the mask and become who you really are. You deserve to have the confidence to let the world see your amazing self…when you are free to be your real self, you give the world a chance to fall in love with the real you!

You already have EVERYTHING you need, to become the very best version of you. She's in there, just waiting to shine through. I'm here to help you heal the parts of you, that keep her hidden.


I'm here to bring out what was always there...an amazing, successful and confident woman. It's time to let go of the fear & limiting beliefs and step into your power. I've got you! 

I've been there...


with rtt

Experience extraordinary transformation with RTT…

We’ve all been through experiences or traumas, that we carry with us years later.

They keep us feeling stuck (whether we know it or not).

But it’s not our experiences that hold us back – it’s the perspective we put on them.

When we change our perspective, those experiences no longer have power over us.

And we’re free to move forward, leaving the past in the past.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) takes you takes you right back to the core of that experience, in your subconscious mind.

It completely reframes & transforms your core beliefs, patterns & behaviours – so you can let the trauma go.

The same limits, blocks and feelings don’t keep reappearing & holding you back – because we’re getting right to the core subconscious issues.

So you can truly heal and move forward fearlessly, into all the success you deserve!

Are you ready to let go of your limits?

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:


  • A powerful 2 ½ hour Rapid Transformational Therapy session (in person or online)


  • A 15-min Transformational Recording - to listen to religiously for 21 days after your session. To overturn all those limiting beliefs & blocks, once and for all!

The process is simple. Just book a call for a quick chat (15 -20 mins), about what your issue is & how I can help you.

Before we start, there’s just a couple of forms to complete, with your details & a consent form.

And we’ll then get your powerful half day RTT experience booked in!

Investment: £349

Will RTT really work for me?

I know you might have questions.


Will RTT really work for me?


What’s it like?


Can I really see transformational change, in just a 2 ½ hour session?


Do I need this or the 28-day package?

So I’ve put together all the answers for you.

Now it’s your turn ...

let's make some changes

Are You Ready To Powerfully Transform Your Life?