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Redesign Your Vibe

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Align with your authentic self and thrive after trauma with these free resources, specifically designed to aid your healing process and transform your mind, body & soul


Transformational Mentor and Coach for women in business.


I help ambitious, soul led women like you powerfully transform your mindset, align your energy and reimprint your  emotional blueprint – so you can move forward, into a whole new level of  transformational freedom & success!

I help you embrace your authentic self, reclaim your voice and step back into alignment with your power, using my signature framework of  transformational coaching, hypnotherapy & MindBody therapies. 

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Client love...

Ciara makes me look at things  from a whole new perspective. She is able to strike a unique balance of listening and sharing, and I feel like we’re working from the same page. Every day I find helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder, and I am quickly able to adapt or use them to flip my mindset. Thank you for the coaching you have given me, Ciara, I can’t wait for our next sessions. Your relaxed, friendly style but firm method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies, set intentions and aim for major goals in my busy life. I would liken your effect as a “kick in the butt’, and much needed!

Elaine, Derry