release therapy


A wonderfully gentle therapy that could almost be considered a mixture of Reiki and Acupuncture (without the needles), which combined with additional techniques creates a synergy that allows the body to release. Gentle Release Therapy uses Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory to understand what's going on in the body. For example the Liver is a key organ in TCM it helps the flow of Qi (Energy) around the body, the Liver is linked to Ligaments and Tendons, so muscular tension may well be connected to the Liver. The emotions connected to the Liver are anger and frustration. Gentle Release Therapy uses techniques to support and release not only the Liver energy but also the other key organs in TCM. We also have extremely gentle emotional release techniques that we can use if there is an issue in particular that's causing you stress.​ In addition to the TCM work with the abdominal organs we also incorporate cranial release regularly into treatments which involves an extremely light touch which can allow the body to release on another level. I also have techniques that release the endocrine (hormone system) and lymphatic system that can be used as required. All treatments are tailored to deal with what your body needs to release at that moment in time.

Investment from £97 per session 


After treatments clients often feel lighter in both the head and abdomen and will very often be so relaxed they go and take a much needed nap, or be so energised they get loads of work done that they have been struggling with for ages! 


A powerful yet gentle therapy....

Let your body and mind release tension and stress that you didn't even know you had to an extent you may have never experienced before. So gentle you don't even need to know what you are letting go of... Gentle release helps with:

  • G E N E R A L  B A L A N C I N G

  • C L E A R I N G  E M O T I O N A L  B L O C K S

  • P H Y S I C A L  P A I N



Here’s exactly what you’ll get:


  • 6 x powerful 90 minute Gentle Release Therapy sessions (in person or online) tailored to your individual needs

  • Infusion of my signature combination of healing modalities including reiki, meditation & breathwork


  • A 15-min transformational meditation - to listen to daily in between sessions

The process is simple - Just book via the link below

Before we start, there’s just a couple of forms to complete, with your details & a consent form.

And we’ll then get your powerful energy healing experience booked in!

Investment: £499