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Here at Redesign Your Vibe, I offer a range of Intuitive & spiritual services, 

designed to help & support your healing journey and bring transformation on a cellular, soul level ~ I just love bringing these amazing services into my work, and seeing the deep inner transformations they bring to you!

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As a certified belief clearing practitioner, I help you completely & radically overturn and transform those deep limiting beliefs – so those experiences in your life no longer have a hold over you.

Because it’s NOT the experience that has a hold over you, but the perspective you’re putting on the experience.

And we can completely transform that perspective.

To help you find emotional freedom, overturn your limits, let go of your mindset blocks and move forward fearlessly, into your true potential.

So you can have everything you truly deserve. As well as a 2 hour 1:1 session, you will also be given a free transformational hypnotherapy recording to listen to for 21 days after the session.

Investment £197 per session

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An intuitive 60 minute guidance reading with the intention of helping you on your healing journey, consisting of a mix of tarot, oracle & angel cards incorporated with my own intuitive gifts. I also use a mix of astrology and birth chart to help you receive the best guidance on areas where you need to balance or work on your healing.


Live over zoom, delivered in an email or in person, this beautiful guidance is designed to help you to move forward, release blocks and find clarity on the areas in which you feel stuck in life.  

We start off with a beautiful guided meditation and relaxation session and work with our guides to bring you the guidance you need to receive in the moment. We set the intention that the messages and guidance you receive are for the highest good and are what you need to be made aware of in that moment. 

Investment £85 per session

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Please note: I cannot guarantee you will receive messages from passed over loved ones, nor can I diagnose any medical issues, or comment on legal issues or health related issues. These guidance readings are not intended to

replace medical care and are purely for guidance only



In this beautiful 2 hour soul journey, we work together in a beautiful guided healing session, incorporating meditation, Bodhi reimprinting, breathwork and deep energy healing to help you to bring your awareness inward to truly heal on a deep, cellular level. 

This is a journey of the mind, body & soul and is designed to get to the root cause of your issues, powerfully transform them & guide you forward on your path to inner peace, joy and calm. 

We use sound therapy throughout the session too to powerfully transmute energies and bring about deep inner transformation.

Investment £197 per session

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Starting with a mind clearing meditation, we work together 1:1 in this powerful 2 hour, in depth session ~ to help you to transform your mindset, let go of the ego self & come into alignment with your higher self.


We plan & structure both your soul goals & the intentions behind them that will bring you closer to creating the life you love faster.


We focus on discovering your purpose, gaining crystal clear mental clarity around your intentions & taking the daily aligned, grounded action towards bringing them into your reality. 


This deep thought provoking process brings so much clarity, focus & purpose to your mind, body & soul.

Investment £197 per session

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