Therapeutic Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Healing Therapist

I love helping you to understand your unhealed trauma, break cycles and rebuild your confidence & trust in yourself

Ciara McCarron Trauma Informed Energy Healing Therapist

​Helping you move through the things in your past that have made you feel invisible, afraid to use your voice, unable to express your needs or have healthy boundaries is my passion & plays a massive role in the work I do.


It really matters to me because, I’ve been where you are now.

  This is  

   possible for

you too

I found my soul purpose after going through the worst time of my life.

I’d dealt with grief on a massive level. I had severe mental health issues. And I was going through what I now know was a mental breakdown.

I dealt with it all alone, too ashamed to tell anyone or seek help. The stigma attached to mental health issues seen me hiding my illness from even my closest family & friends.

On top of it all ~ I felt like a complete impostor. Like any trace of happiness or success I did have was never deserved or authentic. I was so out of alignment with my soul ~ I was lost.

I lost my business and I lost my home. I became so low that at times, I didn’t even want to be in this world anymore. I got some help – counselling & medication. But nothing seemed to work.


Until one night, as I lay awake for the thousandth night in a row ~


I heard something that shook me back into my body, like it literally woke me up from the longest night...


JK Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech on Audible.

This might sound crazy, but it completely changed

my life. I had so much in common with this woman.

A single parent, so close to the breadline in

modern day Britain. I listened to her talk about being suicidal with nothing but iron will, an old typewriter

and a daughter who needed her ~ 

it was

all too


She was me.

I was so inspired by her story and desperate for change, that something just clicked inside me. I had to do something.

So I went on a mission to heal myself.

I discovered self-help, self-development & trauma therapy. Slowly but surely, I started to change my mindset, my thoughts AND my behaviours. Like so many people, I hadn't even considered that what I'd went through was traumatic - and the realisation blew my mind.

Pretty soon, I began to realise the help I had given myself was something I was meant to do for others.

I realised this was my soul purpose. I was meant to share this journey.


My mission was to become the shining light for others I had needed at my darkest hour. And suddenly ~ everything made sense.

In order to be able to help people truly heal ~ I had to know what it was like to feel truly broken.

It’s grown into Redesign Your Vibe ~ and I couldn't be any prouder of how it started!

Ciara McCarron Trauma Informed Energy Healing Therapist

Random Facts About The Girl Behind The Brand...

01. I'm deaf in one ear - I lost part of my hearing when I was four.

02. I've been madly in love with Tom Selleck since 1990 when I first saw three men and a baby.

03. I collect crystals & tarot decks - I use them in everything I do and always have some crystals on me at all times. Ever since childhood I was obsessed with crystals, oracles, astrology, the moon & all things esoteric, I hid this until a few years back though, when I finally embraced my real self and came out of the spiritual closet!

04. Stevie Nicks is my queen. She's possibly the inspiration behind my obsession with hats - and on that note, I own around 20.

05.Music is like my own personal therapy. I love nothing more than running a bath, lighting my candles and pressing play on my favourite playlists. Everything from Fleetwood Mac to Bowie, to Kate Bush (well before stranger things, yes!) to Florence Welsh - I love a song that tells a story and sparks emotions, memories & inspiration for the future.

A bit more about me

As well as being the founder of Redesign Your Vibe –

I’m mum to a gorgeous 20 year old daughter, a partner to the best guy in the world and dog mama to my little furry baby Rockie Mac. I built my business from scratch from my kitchen - using a notepad and pen and a mobile phone, as a single mum feeding my daughter from a food bank - after the most difficult and adverse few years of our life.

After dealing with grief, mental health issues and trauma on a major level, I realised very quickly that the life I was living was only going to end up one way – and something had to change – fast. So, I decided there and then to go on the most profound and life changing healing and self-discovery journey and somewhere along the way, I not only turned my entire world around, I found my soul purpose – helping people just like me to thrive after trauma and elevate their lives & relationships, and from that - Redesign
Your Vibe was born!

Just a few short years later - I’m making a massive difference in the lives of so many people who are where I’ve been - I’m a successful business owner, speaker and co-author, have featured on platforms
such as Ted Circles, Thrive Global and Medium, given talks on multiple platforms for ambitious women and have helped hundreds of people all over the world.


Now, life consists of making memories and spending time with my family doing the things we love. I’m no longer a slave to my mental health and I live a life of emotional freedom, success and happiness. I’m finally living a life I adore and am in total alignment with my authentic self – and the best part is, I get to help people just like you to do the same!

I know what it's like...

I share my story with you today because I'm hoping my journey helps you understand that I’ve walked this talk.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you, too.

And I LOVE seeing the radical shifts & profound healing that takes place from the inside out for people who I work with!

Seeing so many years and layers of trauma, heartache, limiting beliefs & mindset blocks just being stripped away. Being transformed and transmuted and healed.

Seeing people come from feeling like nothing, to knowing they ARE enough is the most phenomenal experience.

Knowing that everything changed so beautifully for them after experiencing this healing is the best feeling in the world!

You see, it's not actually our experiences which have such a hold over us; it's the  perspective we have of the experiences which keep us stuck. 


When we change the power of those beliefs, 





I'm here to help you to rediscover the light inside you, heal the past experiences that have held you back & teach you how to create magic in your everyday life.


Self healing


In this empowering workbook you will be given my 4 proven steps for healing after trauma & reconnecting to your true self. You'll discover some phenomenal tools to evolve into your higher self and really align with who you truly are at your core.

The SELF system consists of 4 key areas:
Self Love • Emotional Mastery • Letting go • Forgiveness

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